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Critter Spray Gun

Critter Spray Gun is a lightweight, easy to use spray gun for many small to medium size projects around the house or shop. The 118 Siphon Gun is ideal for spraying polyurethanes, lacquers, stains, chalk paints, latex, enamels, alkyds, ceramic glazes, and even spray grade upholstery adhesives. Some material thinning may be required. Requires a ¾ hp compressor (not included) that can produce 2 – 3 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The 118 Siphon Gun produces a 1/2″ to 3″circular spray pattern depending on the distance held from object spraying. Clean up is easy as a result of the simple design and utilization of mason jars for paint storage

How to Use

The 118 Siphon Gun by Critter Spray Products is easy to use. Start by pouring the material to be sprayed into the mason jar and secure to gun (some thinning may be required). Connect the gun to a ¾ hp or larger air compressor (not included). Pull the trigger and adjust the liquid nozzle position into the air stream to obtain the optimal circular spray pattern. Trial the spray pattern and paint transfer on a scrap piece of cardboard. Make adjustments to air pressure, liquid nozzle position and material viscosity as necessary. When ready to spray your projects, hold spray gun approximately 5” away from surface to be painted. Pull the trigger and move across surface to be painted at a constant travel speed. Overlap each pass to obtain uniform coverage.




Easy to clean

Empty paint from jar, add a couple onces of thinners, remount jar to gun, splash thinners around and spray through nozzle, dissassemble, wipe down indicated surfaces and reassemble for the next use


Light weight – comfortable design

Standard 16oz mason jar

Requires a 3/4 hp or larger compressor that produces 2 -3 Cubic Feet/Minute (CFM )

Fast colour change when utilizing mason jars

Adaptable to other containers

Sprays: Paints, Stains, Polyurethanes, Foam & Fabric Adhesives and Ceramic Glazes


1 – 800 – 267 – 8767 (CDN)

1 – 800 – 874 – 8158 (US)

Part List Description

Air Powered Spray Gun (Critter)

Maintenance Kit (Aluminum Tube) #20310

Jar Gaskets (pkg of 5) #21525

Catalogue #




Part List Description

Critter Spray Gun

Maintenance Kit (Aluminum Tube) #20310

Catalogue #



1 – 800 – 241 – 6748

Part List Description

Critter Spray Gun

Maintenance Kit (Aluminum Tube) #20310

Jar Gaskets (pkg of 5) #21525

Maintenance Kit (Aluminum Tube) #20310

Catalogue #






Freshen up that wicker furniture with a quick coat of latex enamel paint

This live edge bench was brought to life with several coats of a fast dry polyurethane

Used in the upholstery industry over 30 years spraying Foam and Fabric adhesives

Ideal for applying ceramic and pottery glazes

Finishing with chalk paint is a popular way to bring that old furniture back to life. The 118 Siphon Gun is a great tool to quickly apply a brush stroke free base.

Oil Based Rust Paint is being applied to this weathered yard trailer that was in need of a little attention.

Shutters can take a lot of time to finish using a brush. The 118 Siphon will do a beautiful job in a fraction of the time - without the brush marks.

Beautiful polyrethane and lacquer finishes can be applied with professional results. No brush marks to spoil your efforts either.

These are great projects, you can save time finishing when using the 118 Siphon whether you are staining or painting

Whether it is Chalk, Rust or High Temperature BBQ paint it takes very little time to revitalize antiques like this old metal milk can with a beautiful brush free finish.

Shown here is a oil based polyurethane finish being applied to this bench. Take note of the metal can used rather than the glass mason jar. A small paint can was drilled out and screwed onto the bottom of the gun.

FAQ’s (Critters Spray Products)

These are some of the most commonly asked questions:

What is the spray pattern?

the 118 Sihon gun produces a circular spray pattern in size from 1/2″ to 3″ diameter
depending on the adjustment of the position of the tip of the liquid nozzle in the air stream. The closer to the surface you spray the narrower the spray pattern is. The further away from the surface you are spraying i.e. 4 to 6 inches, the larger the circular spray pattern is on the work surface.

Where can I get individual replacement parts?

follow this link to our distributor that carries many of the replacement parts individually

Won’t connect to my hose

The quick connect plug is a “M” style 1/8″NPT threaded plug. It is one of the most commonly used air hose connectors supplied on retail air tools. If your air tools are equipped with a different style of plug then you will need to purchase and install a 1’8″ NPT to 1/4″ NPS union to connect your style of quick connect plug to the 118 Siphon Gun.

Won’t spray

Check out the 118 Siphon Gun Setup video on this site for tips on how to remedy this issue These are the top issues that our customers encounter:

1) Plugged vent hole in top of jar – clean vent hole so jar can breath
2) Tube is plugged with solids or dried up material – pass pipe cleaner or bbq skewer through tube as shown in video
3) Liquid nozzle is plugged with solid or dried up material – clean out material in nozzle with paper clip
4) tip of liquid nozzle is not positioned in the middle of the air stream of air nozzle – adjust as indicated in video
5) material is too thick and needs to be thinned – thin material and increase pressure (not all materials can be atomized
well enough to spray)



Won’t stop spraying:

This can be caused by the air valve disc not sealing or a dry o-ring restricting movement of the air valve when the trigger is depressed. The first remedy is to apply a drop of oil on the air valve behind the trigger and depress the trigger back and forth to lubricate oil along the valve stem and into the oring just inside the casting. Also, excessive moisture from the compressor can migrate down the air lines, into the gun and corrode the air valve retaing washer. If this is the case you may need to replace the retaining washer on the air valve. Contact us via email at to resolve this issue.

Can the 118 siphon gun spray upholstery adhesives?

This spray gun has been used in the professional upholstery trade for over 40 years spraying both solvent based and water based spray grade upholstery adhesives. Don’t be fooled by imitations the our name is cast on the handle so you know you have the original 118 Siphon Gun from Critter Spray Products.

Can the 118 siphon gun spray Ceramic Glazes?

This spray gun is sold by many ceramic and pottery supply distributors to apply glazes.

Replacement Parts

critter spray gun
Sr NoPart NumberPart DescriptionAvailable KitPart Image
120621Liquid NozzleAvailable in Maintenance Kit 20310liquidnozzle
220217Liquid TubeAvailable in Maintenance Kit 20310
320710Nozzle SpringAvailable in Maintenance Kit 20310nozzlespring
420220LocknutAvailable in Maintenance Kit 20310locknut
Jar Gasket
5 gaskets per 21525 Kit
1 gasket available in Maintenance Kit 20310
621038Air Nozzle
Available in Maintenance Kit 20330
820950Air Valve Assembly
Available in Maintenance Kit 20330
Air Valve Spring

Available in Maintenance Kit 20330
1020918Air Valve CapAvailable in Maintenance Kit 20310
11Standard 16oz Sealer JarAvailable locally at many hardware and grocery stores in the canning deptjar